We Couldn’t Do This Without Them

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United Against Poverty depends greatly on the support and financial commitment of our corporate partners. It is their generous contributions, in-kind donations, volunteerism and advocacy that make it possible for us to carry out our mission and navigate thousands of families towards self-sufficiency.

On behalf of all those who have had hope for the future restored, thank you!

Product Donation Partners

Thanks to corporate partners who donate product we are able to serve more families in need and work towards self-sufficiency. All United Against Poverty programs work together through a holistic model. Partners who donate food and other products necessary to run our Cost Share Grocery Program help make it possible for us to offer the Crisis, Clinic and Counseling Center, Emergency Food Box Program and LEAP educational opportunities. A truck load of donated product does much more than fill stomachs, it changes lives.

Benefits of Donating Surplus or Distressed Product

  • Reduced handling risk – because we are not a food bank, donated product goes directly into the hands of families in need. In addition, we take care of the sorting, including mixed pallets
  • Free up needed storage space – pickups of all sizes, from one crate to tractor trailer loads, scheduled within hours, to meet your need for storage space
  • Lower waste removal and storage costs
  • Expense reductions in labor and transportation costs
  • Adherence to state and local Health Department guidelines, as well as USDA and Food Industry standards
  • Donation receipt within 2 business days
  • Potential tax credits
  • Liability protection – donors are protected by State and Federal legislation
  • Help families in need to regain hope and transform their lives

Types of Product Donations Accepted

Produce * Meat * Dairy * Canned Goods * Personal Hygiene Items * Cleaning Supplies * Paper Goods * Prepared Foods * Delicatessen & Bakery Items * Discontinued * Slow Moving * Product Samples * Damaged * Mis-Rotated Package Changes * Close Dated * Obsolete Promotional Items * Reformulations * Customer Turndowns * Unlabeled or Mislabeled Items * End-of-Season Items * Out-of-date product that is safe for consumption

Product Donation Process

*Call the United Against Poverty Procurement Department at 407-808-2081
*Let us know what type of product and the quantity that you have to donate
*We will schedule a pickup to fit your needs
*You will receive a receipt for your donation within 2 business days

Financial and Volunteerism Partners

United Against Poverty is completely dependent on the generosity of corporate partners who provide funding and give of their time, talent and resources. Each of our programs, even our physical space, continues to evolve because of their contributions. Partners who donate financial gifts, volunteers and advocacy help make it possible to offer the programs and tools necessary for those who are in need to regain hope and re-build their lives.