We offer a variety of programs to help our clients break out of the cycle of poverty and be on their way to a self-sufficient life.

Life Programs

Life Skills | Improved Relationships | Financial Education | Employment Skills
In order to help families obtain real long term change for their lives, we offer them access to educational opportunities and transforming life skills. In partnerships with community agencies and government entities the Community Food and Outreach Center offers a variety of financial, nutritional, job training and relationship building workshops.

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Crisis Relief Center

The Crisis Relief Center is a safety net for those who are one step away from slipping into hunger, homelessness or hopelessness. The center provides access to public assistance programs, on-site counseling, employment assistance, and social service advocacy. Our Education Program equips families with the tools and resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency, such as life skills, improved relationships, financial literacy and employment.

There is a misunderstanding that when a family ends up needing help, that the path to get these needed resources is easy and the government and community programs they are trying to access are readily available to them. The truth is that programs like Medicaid, food stamps and other programs that help our neighbors in need can be very hard to access. Many of the families that are struggling because of the current economic downturn have never had to seek assistance, so they have no idea what step to take first. This causes unnecessary pain and suffering for the children and families needing a hand up in their time of economic hardship.

The Crisis Relief Center offers families in crisis a direct link to the services that they need to meet their basic needs. Families who are new to the program, meet our eligibility requirements and are in a financial crisis that does not allow them to contribute towards their food, can get food through our emergency food box program, based on availability and at no charge to them. Families meet one on one with an emergency Case Worker who is equipped to evaluate their needs, provide emergency referrals and assist with questions regarding the availability of services.

Hunger Relief

Community Food & Outreach Center helps fight hunger in two ways:

  1. The Emergency Food Box program is designed to meet the immediate hunger needs of those who visit our campus while facing crisis.
  2. The Cost Share Grocery Program is membership based and provides families in need who qualify by income, with low cost food, hygiene and household products. The program subsidizes a family’s monthly grocery budget by 60 to 80 percent, providing the hand up needed to get through difficult times.